Mission’s Partners

The Condrey's Story

Global Year is a ministry that comes along side of pastors, student pastors, parents and leaders to create an opportunity for students to take a (gap) year between high school and career in order to fast forward their college and life experiences for the glory of God by:

  • Learning another language.
  • Immersing into a different culture.
  • Growing deeply with Christ.
  • Sharing the gospel with the nations.

Here is the heart and passion of Global Year:

  • Global year is committed to operate with excellence. Love mercy. Walk humbly with God. Micah 6:8
  • Global Year is committed to fear God and keep His commandments. Eccl 12:13
  • Global Year is committed to create and operate from “Here am I, send me.” Isaiah 6:8
  • Global Year is committed to going into the entire world and making disciples. Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:15
  • Global Year is committed to loving God and loving people. I John 2:10, 3:14; I Peter 2:17, 3:8; Hebrews 13:1

We believe God has called us to equip and mobilize this generation of students to the nations. May the Lord Jesus raise up this generation of young people to turn the world upside down for HIM.

Click here to visit their WEBSITE GLOBALYEAR.ORG

The Griffith's Story

Gary and Karen Griffith serve with United World Mission, where Gary is Theological Education Coordinator. Gary’s ministry involves overseeing the recruiting, training and sending of Bible teachers to schools around the world for the training of national church planters, pastors and church workers. Gary also teaches at different theological schools around the globe. Karen has a very important role as a facilitator at the Center for Intercultural Training (CIT), located in Union Mills, where she provides cross-cultural training for missionaries who are preparing to go overseas to serve. Prior to moving to Rutherford County, the Griffiths served as missionaries for almost two decades in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and Poland). They have two boys, Stephen and David, who are active in Element’s Youth Group and who attend Rutherford County schools.

The Roberson's Story

Greg and Dana Roberson, along with their daughter Gracelyn (3), and their son Caleb (10 mo.), will be joining a team in the Kullu Valley of South Asia. This area of the world has over 1 billion people with fewer than 1% that are Christian. Even though the Kullu Valley area is beautiful with its mountains pushing 20,000 feet, it is spiritually dark. It is known as the “valley of the gods” because it has over 1,000 Hindu temples. Its poverty is extreme, the lack of healthcare is unimaginable, and of all the children, 9% are orphaned!

Greg will be using his EMT skills to partner with a Christian-run hospital. This hospital assisted 53,000 patients last year and was able to give away one-third of their services for free, covering a 350-mile radius. He will also be using his piloting background to research the logistics of setting up an air medical transport system.

The House of Grace orphanage and school are also associated with the hospital where they will be living and working. Dana believes that her years as a third-grade teacher and her experience in working with children from other cultures has prepared her for this time. She is excited about building relationships with the children and sharing His Hope with them.

Greg and Dana would love for you to be a part of the work God is doing in South Asia. Their desire is to be an extension of Element’s Body, making disciples in a place where the needs are great!


If you believe that God is leading you to be a part of their team or you would like to receive their newsletter updates, please see the contact information below. Thanks!

Greg’s Cell: 828-429-6221


The Spence's Story

Your prayers for this ministry which God has allowed us to be a part of are greatly appreciated.  In October 2012 we moved to a new region of the country. Our primary ministry remains to provide aviation support for missionaries who live in isolated villages.  These missionaries are teaching the gospel, translating the Scriptures and discipling the believers.  Please pray for God’s enabling as we strive to serve these missionaries well and be an encouragement to them as they dwell in difficult places.  Also, please pray for the salvation and spiritual growth of the people to whom they minister.  Besides flying, I also serve as the program manager and chief pilot for NTM here.  Cindy keeps busy home schooling our 3 children and helping out on the team however she can.  Please pray for us as we get to know neighbors in this new place we now live. We desire to be a light for Christ in their lives. Please pray for the kids as they grow in their relationships with the Lord and learn what His plan is for their lives.  The Lord is doing great things here and Cindy and I are privileged to be a part of the ministry.  Please pray for safety as I fly, and for many to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ throughout the country.

The Sundell's Story

Jeff and Angie served ten years in South Asia, and God granted them the privilege to see the first believers come to Christ of a people group who was unreached and unengaged. They quickly developed into trainers for church planters, both with their company and among nationals.  They enjoyed training others, especially when they “got it” and saw fruit from their efforts as they spread God’s Glory across South Asia.  They also served as a Player/Coach to both company Strategy Coordinators and National Strategy Coordinators.  Over the past twelve years they have seen a number of emerging Church Planting Movements.

Their family returned to the States in 2009 to employ the same training and vision for multiplication in the United States.  Jeff is a proven leader when it comes to planting indigenous churches locally and globally. Jeff and Angie began working with a team of leaders in Forest City, NC where they have seen 50+ reproducing Bible studies among families who are/were far from God. Today, many of these men and women are reaching their lost friends and family members who are unchurched. Jeff and Angie are presently training local churches to strategically engage a people group, city, or geographical area through church planting.

The overarching vision is that of “No Place Left” (Rom. 15:23), where every tribe, tongue, and nation will hear the gospel.   To strive for that here in North America, they are casting the 50-5-50 Vision: 50 cities in 5 years raising up 50 T4T Trainers to the 4th Generation in each city. Currently, there are 73 cities across the U.S. and 91 countries globally who have No Place Left teams focused on making disciples who make disciples and planting churches who plant churches.

Tony's Story

Today in the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is no freedom of religion. Christian evangelism is forbidden. The primary way for the majority of Iranians to hear the Gospel is by radio. Tony is responsible for writing and producing these programs in Persian, which are broadcast to Iran. Partners International has come alongside this Persian Ministry in their efforts to reach Iranians and Persian-speaking people of neighboring countries. They do this by supporting workers in Iran who follow up with

Gelu Paul-Faina's Story

Gelu Paul-Faina is the Senior Pastor of Vox Domini Baptist Church, Multi-site.

He also leads BIG IMPACT Ministry, a non-traditional, non-institutional leadership development movement. Gelu serves as the President of Estera Foundation, a Crisis Pregnancy Center, and is currently finishing his research for the PhD program at Trinity International University of Deerfield, Ill.

Gelu and Rodica (Gelu’s wife passed away in March, 2012, after battling cancer) have two children: Ioana (12) Jonathan (9)