Element Kidz

What is Element Kidz?

Element kidz is uniquely designed just for your child. We understand that having fun is important to your child so you can be sure our energetic volunteers will engage your child through the use of technology, games, and relevant messages to communicate Jesus in a relevant way.

Fast Facts

Who attends element kidz?All children from 6wks – 5th grade.

How are the classrooms broken down?

Element Kidz consist of two age appropriate areas: Weekidz (6wks – Pre-K) & Ekidz (K5 – 5th grade).

Weekidz offers 3 small groups within the classroom:

Babies (birth – 17months)
Toddlers (18months – 2yrs)
Pre-school (3yrs – Pre-K)

Ekidz offers 2 small groups within the classroom:

Kindergarten – 2nd grade
3rd – 5th grade

What can I expect after an element kidz experience?It’s different for every child. So be sure to ask your child on the drive home, “did you have fun?” and “What did you learn today?” Go ahead! You may be surprised by their answer.
First time at element kidz?Welcome! We know you and your child will enjoy your experience. When you arrive on the campus you’ll want to immediately stop by our “V.I.P.” tent. There you will be greeted by one of our very friendly volunteers and they will gladly show you to our registration area and your child’s age appropriate classroom.

What Can I Expect?

CREATIVE BIBLE TEACHING!!  We want Sunday’s to be your child’s favorite day of the week! And since the Bible is such an amazing and creative book, you and your child can expect elementkidz to teach it in an amazing and creative way as well. So join us on Sunday morning and experience a world on their level.


Each child is checked into our secure database before the start of each class. For fast and easy check-in parents are given key tags to use when checking in their child. After checking in your child the system will print two stickers, one is a name tag for your child and the other is a security tag for the parent/guardian. There are two very important things you need to know about the security tag:

#1 – On the security tag is your child’s secure number. If at any point during the service we need to contact you, we will do so by putting your child’s secure number on the large media screen.

#2 – You will need your secure tag when picking up your child. To ensure children leave with the correct parent/guardian we must match the security tag with the child’s name tag before releasing your child.Also, all doors are locked from the outside (not the inside) 15 minutes after service begins to ensure only approved volunteers and workers are in the classrooms with your child. If at any point during the service you need to get into the classroom just simply knock on the door and one of our element kidz volunteers will be glad to assist you.